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1st October 20
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Welcome to Fox Cubs Nursery


Fox Cubs Nursery is a warm and welcoming environment with a variety of learning opportunities both indoors and outdoors. Children join our class in the term after their third birthday and we provide a calm, happy and nurturing start to school life.

Mrs Moore is our class teacher and she has the brilliant support of our class teaching assistants: Mrs Buxton on Monday - Wednesday, and Mrs Marsh on Thursday-Friday.

Children in Nursery can make use of Breakfast Club and After School Club, meaning wrap around care is available from 7:45am to 5:45pm.

We love to share what we have been learning about in class, so please visit this page regularly to see all our exciting activities!

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Home Learning Sheet #6

Click on the link above for some more home learning ideas for our Fox Cubs!

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Home learning for Summer 2

Hello, we are now in the final term of this academic year, and I hope everyone managed to have a break of sorts during our half term weeks! I am still very much missing Fox Cubs and all our summer adventures we should be having, but I have heard from so many of you about the brilliant times children are having with their families and out in their gardens! Thank you for keeping me up to date, it's great to hear how the children are doing. Our theme now is 'animals' and I have uploaded the 'week 5' home learning sheet above.

There are also resources available on the 'classes' tab on our website that the whole school is using, and there are some lovely EYFS activities there that are great for nursery children. This week is a 'Shark in the Park' theme - a story well loved by our Fox Cubs.

It is up to you and your child which home learning resources are best for you. I had some great feedback that children were enjoying the weekly activity sheets I upload so I will continue to do those, but all available resources are great for supporting nursery-aged children, so please access whatever materials you prefer.

I hope you all continue to stay safe and well! Love from Mrs Moore

Home Learning in Fox Cubs Nursery

Contact with teachers during this time is via email:

During this very strange time whilst school is closed I am sure our wonderful little members of Fox Cubs are keeping their mummies and daddies and other loved ones very busy, and I’m sure these lovely little people are a welcome distraction from the news every day. Whilst older year groups have some more formal learning activities that older children may wish to carry out whilst at home, our younger children learn in a very different way and, as we would in school, we encourage and support learning through play. I will regularly post some ideas of some learning opportunities that you can create or access at home, and it is entirely your choice if you wish to use any of those ideas – I have no formal expectation from our youngest children at this time.

The best activities nursery aged children can be doing include: playing, being read to – including exploring fiction and non-fiction books and texts, having lots and lots of conversation and being exposed to a broad vocabulary, singing songs, counting, baking, exploring the garden, experiencing the weather, riding bikes and scooters, socialising with family in the home and garden and through phone calls/video calls, playing board games and card games, getting mucky in the garden, craft activities, jigsaws, helping prepare food, playing listening games (I-spy, sound lotto, etc), dressing up, and many more of your every day home activities.

If your child does enjoy some of the more formal learning activities then I recommend as a great resource for worksheets to practise early writing patterns/letter formation/number formation. Twinkl currently has lots of free access across its site. I would recommend worksheets only to be used sparingly as there are other far more engaging forms of learning that children can access at home.

As a school we subscribe to Purple Mash – an educational website that supports children’s computing skills, as well providing a range of cross-curricular activities. We use the Mini Mash part of the website in Early Years, and all parents in early years should have received their children’s log in details. Please let me know via email (info above) if you do not have a log in and I will get that to you.

We also subscribe to Espresso Discovery which is a really useful tool for learning. This website has a host of age appropriate clips, songs, games and other activities for a variety of topics and themes, and children in Fox Cubs really enjoy the learning opportunities these provide. The website address is and the school log in details were sent out in the initial home learning packs that Mrs Owen emailed to parents. If you are not sure of this log in, again please get in touch via email and I can let you know.

I will regularly post some updates of activities that children may enjoy, and if you have any specific questions, please use the email above to get in touch and I will reply as quickly as possible. I would also love to see any photos and hear about what children have been up to through the above email address – I will reply to all messages.

In the meantime, I hope you all stay safe and well and that all our little Fox Cubs enjoy their time with their lovely families, and I look forward to seeing you all very soon.

Love from Mrs Moore

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Home Learning Sheet #4

Click on the link above for some more home learning ideas for our Fox Cubs!

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Home Learning Sheet #3

Click on the link above for some more home learning ideas for our Fox Cubs!

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Home Learning Sheet #2

Click on the link above for some more home learning ideas for our Fox Cubs!

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Home Learning Sheet #1

Hello Fox Cubs and families. As school continues to remain closed for now, I have produced a home learning sheet with lots of ideas and suggestions for learning activities linked as much as possible to activities we would do in class. I will upload these weekly with new ideas and suggestions.

The priority during this time is children's health and happiness and I am confident that all members of Fox Cubs Nursery are having fantastic family-centred experiences at home right now, so please don't feel you have to do all, if any, of these activities. They are there purely as a suggestion for you and your child to engage with if and when you so wish. There are other suggestions posted on this page for activities and our school Facebook page regularly posts a variety of activities that you may wish to access.

If you do wish to share photos or emails about what your child has been getting up to, please email our home learning address . I do love to see the children and will always reply to messages.

The home learning sheet can be accessed at the top of this text box.

Take care everyone, Mrs Moore :) 

Phase 1 Phonics activities

In Nursery we focus on phase 1 phonics - these are essential skills that we support children to become confident with to enable them to confidently access phase 2 phonics (phase 2 is the begining of learning to recognise letters and the sounds they make). In the box below are some suggested activities that famillies could use at home to ensure continued learning of phase 1 phonics. 

Homemade Playdough Recipe

In school we create our own playdough for children to play with. Playdough is a super learning tool for young children for a wide variety of reasons including building fine motor skills (hand muscles) – which helps children develop the skills to hold a pencil; creative skills; shape and measure knowledge, and many more. We use the following recipe:

2 cups flour

1 cup salt

1 cup water (adjust accordingly according to texture)

Drop of cooking oil/baby oil

Optional extras

Food colouring (to give colour)

Food flavourings/essences (to make scented dough)

Mix together and it should last a good few days if stored in an airtight container.

Enhance with different tools at different times including: cookie/shape cutters, rolling pins, pots and pans, bowls and spoons, craft resources, pine cones, grass, twigs, leaves, plates and cutlery, rulers, weight scales, measuring cups, etc.

50 Fantastic ideas to try at home

Alistair Bryce-Clegg is something of an Early Years guru in teacher world. He has a website including a blog and has asked a variety of early years staff for some activities appropriate for early years at home. Follow the link to browse some fantastic ideas which will provide fun and a variety of learning opportunties for young children

Trip to Farmer Teds

On Tuesday Fox Cubs Nursery and Reception had a school visit to Farmer Teds for the Farmer Christmas experience. We were all super sensible travelling by coach and when we arrived we were so excited to explore all the Christmas lights, decorations and models. We visited all the animals in the barn and met guinea pigs, ferrets, reindeer, sheep, goats, a llama, horses and ponies. We got to play on the tiny tractors which we absolutrly loved! Later in the morning we went to Elf School where we wrote letters to Father Christmas and posted them, before watching a 4D movie about Father Christmas and his reindeer. We then travelled by tractor across the farm to the grotto, where we met Father Christmas himself! He asked us what we would like for Christmas and we each got a present! After lunch we watched ferrets racing and then explored the minibeast house, meeting snakes, a dragon, tree frogs, cockroaches, ants and lots of fish. We had an amazing day and our teachers were so proud of our behaviour all day and our engagement in all the activities. 

Useful videos

Below are some videos that you may find useful in supporting your child's learning at home. 

1: 'Mr Thorne Phonics.' This video models how the single phoneme sounds are pronounced, and how your children will learn them in school.

2: 'Phonics Song.' This is a song we sing along to in class to introduce us to initial sounds.

3: '10 Little Numbers.' This is a song we sing along to in class to familiarise us with rote counting and recognising numerals.