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22nd July 19
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Welcome to Reception Class

Reception class is a wonderful, bright and colourful learning environment with stimulating and vibrant areas of learning. The children enjoy discovering new concepts and ideas in their exciting surroundings.  

Our planning is started with the children using floor books and sharing ideas based on the children's interests. We record the main intended learning objectives in our medium term plans for each topic or theme. Click on the links under each topic heading to see how we link the children's ideas to the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.

Mrs Melling has two fabulous teaching assistants in our class; Mrs Fitch and Mrs Walmsley.

Our page is updated regularly to keep you up to date with what we get up to!

    Rumble In The Jungle

    We read the story Rumble In The Jungle by Giles Andreae and we enjoyed it so much based our topic around it. We created our own jungle with animals in our imaginative corner and learnt about lots of jungle and safari animals and their habitats. We made a class non-fiction book of animal facts and we even used jungle animals in our maths. What a wonderful time we've had!  

    Uncle Harry is 99!


    Mr & Mrs Melling have a great uncle called Harry Melling who fought as a submariner in the war. He is such an important part of our history and the children loved meeting him and asking him questions about wartime. This month he turned 99 years old and the school decided to throw a celebration for him! The children learned songs such as 'Yellow Submarine' and 'We'll Meet Again' which brought back many memories for Uncle Harry. The older children also performed traditional May Pole Dancing thanks to Mrs Walmsley and her dance teaching skills! It was a day we will all remember fondly, here are some pictures from the day:



    Spring & Growing

    Our next topic was all about growing, we learnt about how we grow as humans, how plants grow and finally about animals and how they grow. We also had some great Easter festivities with an egg hunt and some Easter cake making! 

    World Book Day Fun :  file (344.4k)

    World Book Day 2019

    We had a wonderful World Book Day this year! It all started with a scary situation; our librarian, Mrs Harland-Say, had gone missing?! We carried out a crime scene investigation in the library and tried to work out what had happened! It turned out that the Big Bad Wolf was holding her at ransom and we had to carry out some tasks around reading to get her back, luckily we managed it - phew!  We also dressed up as our favourite book characters, did some class swapping to read with the older children and entered a book token competition. We ended our day with a Bedtime Stories Evening where we invited children back to school in their pyjamas with their favourite teddy or blanket. We had a lovely time reading stories with our parents and teachers. What a great day! 

    Around the World

    We started by looking at planet earth, we talked about the fact our planet is spherical and made up of sea and land. We then moved on to look at our island and the reason we are called an island. We learnt about the 4 countries that make up the UK and also the meaning of a 'capital city'. We spent a little time talking about London and The Royal Family too. We learnt to spot our country on the map along with the other countries we learnt about too. 

    Then we looked further afield and learnt about the countries other children in our class were from, starting with Sarah. Sarah's mum came to tell us all about Bulgaria, she taught us the traditional Bulgarian dance, some words and phrases and also made some healthy bulgarian snacks with us. We had a wodnerful day. 


    Next we learnt about Poland, we made Polish flags, learnt to do our register in polish and looked at some of the culinary delights Poland has to offer. 


    Then with Chinese New Year fast approaching we decided next to look at China. The children were fascinated with the culture differences and loved learning more about the Chinese traditions. We found China on the map and tried chinese food, wrote our names in Chinese and set up our own chinese restaurant in class. We also made chinese lanterns and after making our own HUGE chinese dragon had a Chinese New Year Parade.