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29th September 20
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Year 1



Our new set of work tasks for each week will be displayed on the opening page for all of the classes (just click backwards).

We will still be posting up new Purple Mash and phonics for each week - please see our updated letter and phonics section at the bottom of this class page.

If there are any problems then please just email a message on :  address.


With love from, 

Mrs McCauley, Mrs Robinson and Mrs Coulton



Welcome to Year 1


Our class teachers are Mrs Robinson and Mrs McCauley. 

Our teaching assistant is Mrs Coulton.

We hope that you are all having fun and staying safe. We are really looking forward to seeing you as soon as possible.   

With best wishes, Mrs Robinson & Mrs McCauley.






Phonics At Home


In Year 1 we are using Phases 3, 4 & 5 phonics. Click the links below to find pronounciations to support your child at home. 


Phase 3

Phase 4 

Phase 5


Take a look at all the fun and amazing activities that we have been doing during our Autumn term!

Can you spot where we have been looking at science activities about 'Our Body', geography activites about 'Hot and Cold countries' and lots of maths and English challenges?

The Narnia Experience.

Year 1 had a great time at the Narnia Experience in Hesketh Bank. We stepped through a wardrobe and into a magical land.

This was us printing houses linked to our study of the Great Fire of London.

We were learning about arrays-repeated adding. It's quicker to multiply (do groups of).

We were doing practical maths-weighing and measuring.

We were learning about place value-when the one in 12 is really ten.

We made our own street of houses linked to the Great Fire of London-they were too close together.

We looked at the new science equipment in our school and did a fair test to see which material was the most absorbent.

Updated - Home Learning extras!


Dear Year One Families,

Like you, we’re finding this a very strange time, adapting to the changes which are upon us at the moment. We really hope that you and your families are keeping well.

We've moved on to using materials set up for all Lancashire schools by our English and maths advisors. There's details of these on the Classes page (before you click on to the Year 1 signpost).

We will still be putting up details of the phonics for the week - where we are up to in Year 1. We will also be setting specific tasks on Purple Mash, however we won't setting anymore on MyMaths, although it is  still available to you to use - with a good range of maths activities on.

Very best wishes,

Mrs McCauley, Mrs Robinson & Mrs Coulton


We've left some of the other information at the bottom here just in case it could be useful:


Just before we finished school, the Lancashire Authority produced a ‘Support for home learning’ document for families to use (this was sent out on an email from school; we have put a link to this information below this letter). There is so much wonderful material to delve into here – please have a look through and see what would work best for you.  On our last day at school, the children were given details of these websites together with their individual usernames and passwords. Please don’t worry if you weren’t there to get yours or it has vanished at home (we completely understand that!) - if you just email on the address, we can send you your details.

We will also be posting up each week on our class page, the phonics sounds that we would have been covering at school. Once you know which sound to look at, there are many different games, words and sentences to have a go at on the Phonics Play website ( which currently has free access for all.

Reading Books

Oxford Owl are offering free eBooks.  Simply register and you will have access to lots of lovely books to enjoy.  Your child will be familiar with some of the titles from school.

Another lovely way to enjoy books is to listen to them, which you can do for free at Lancashire libraries:   

and joining the library online - 

There are also free activities for music available on the Charanga website – if you are interested then please contact us on the school home learning email address for login details.

These are ideas of what you could do. What is really important now, is that all of our children feel as secure, loved and happy as possible. Please do as much or as little as fits with each day. Our children have all made wonderful progress in the first half of Year One – we are very proud of each and every child. Once this current challenge is over, we will all return and resume a more normal routine again.

Let’s remember the latest song about hope that we were learning : Faith, hope, love  (Faith, faith, faith on Youtube : Ronikadee – with the lego train!)


Phonics for July 6th to July 10th


This part of Phase 5 is all about revising phonemes (sounds) that have more than one spelling.

 Week 18 of Phase 5C.

It is important that children try to discover these rules by playing games and looking for patterns.


They are comprised of alternative spellings: ar  and  s


 ar  -  can be spelt in different ways:

 al - half, calf, palm, calm, almond, balm

 ear - heart, hearth

 are - are

 a - father, rather, lather


There are several games that use these sounds on the Phonics Play website:    


             username:   march20

              password:    home 

The resources section is where the games are. There is quite a range here, but when practising the sounds for this week, it would need to be games which apply for Phase 5c (many of the other games are great for Phases 3 and 4 – also valuable revision).

Keep practising reading and spelling those important common exception words too!

Hope that this helps – any problems then please just email us on the address.

Best wishes,

Mrs Robinson & Mrs McCauley xx