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1st October 20
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Year 3

Welcome to our Year 3 Class Page! 


Please scroll down to find out what we have been up to!

Useful Resources 

I've attached the pack that Mrs Owen emailed out last week and also a list of extremely useful websites. These are attached below.


The reading books in our school stages can be found on the Oxford Owls website ( You have to register but it only takes 2 minutes and is free! You click on the stage that your child is reading and then the books are all available as e-books and there are quiz questions at the back of them to answer. What a wonderful resource this is to keep us reading at home!

White Rose Activities 

The White Rose website ( are doing online maths lessons each day at 10am and then provide follow-up activities from these. I can't recommend this website enough to continue maths learning at home! Let me know how you get on with these activities via the home learning email address.

Espresso Activities

We have a paid subscription for a wonderful website called Espresso ( On this websiste, you will find information, videos, quizzes and activities that children can access on a whole range of topics. I thoroughly recommend having a look at this website. 

Explorify Daily Science Activities

The Explorify website (and Facebook page) ( providing daily challenges for science at home. There are some really interesting questions for the children to consider. Registering to access all Explorify science resources is free! Let me know how you get on with the activities via the home learning email address. :-)

BBC Bitesize

This website ( is a wonderful resource with daily lessons on for Year 3! 


Idea number one is to practise spelling common exception words at home (list attached on PDF above). You could do this using rainbow writing (writing in different colours), by cutting letters out of newspapers or magazines or by making mneumonics! You could even test people at home! Have fun and please do let me know how you get on! :-) 

Diary Entries

For a challenge this week, you could write a diary entry of your time so far at home. You never know, this may be found in years to come and tell school children at the time all about the lockdown! You could even draw some pictures. 

Multiplication and Division 

In Year 3, we learn our 3, 4 and 8 multiplication tables. You could practise writing these out at home or could ask a family member to test you on these. You could even make up some rhymes to help you to remember them (like our rhyme for 8x8=64). 


- Find fractions of objects (e.g. split your pizza into thirds, cut your sandwich into eighths etc.). 

- Find fractions of quantities using sweets/raisins/chocolates. For example, if you are finding 1/5 of 20, divide a piece of paper into 5 sections or have 5 plates and split 20 sweets/raisins/chocolates equally between these. Count how many are in one section for 1/5. If the question says to find 3/5, you will need to count how many are in 3 sections.

- Compare fractions and find equivalent fractions using the maths learning center app (

Shape Hunting!

This week, you could look for a range of 3D shapes around your house or garden. Name the shapes and identify how many vertices, edges and faces each has.


Make a survey to find out some key information about your family. For example, ask them what their favourite ice cream flavours are. Could you ask other members of your family over the phone with the help of your parents? Make a table to show your results (maybe with a tally) and then try to draw a bar chart to show your results. 


You could read some biographies on

You could then research some facts about your favourite celebrity, scientist, historical person etc., making a spider diagram as you do. You could then write a biography for this person and send it me over the email. Alternatively, you could write a biogrpahy about a family member! :-)


Roman Mosaics 

Our new topic was going to be the Romans. You could Google some Roman mosaics and then make your own on squared paper or using the website -


Before we finished, we were learning about light and we were about to discuss the formation of shadows. You could try and make some shadow drawings like the one that I have done below. You may also wish to make some shadow puppets. Discuss the formation of shadows with your parents, using the key word 'opaque'. 



Look at the daily picture on Pobble 365 ( or on Once Upon a Picture ( Write some sentences about the picture, challenging yourself to include -

- a preposition

- a subordinating conjunction 

- an adverb 

- an adjective 

If you type into Google 'preposition spinner', 'adverb spinner' etc., you can spin the spinner to generate the word to include in your sentence. Send me your sentences on the home learning email! :-)

The Skeleton

Our new science topic was going to involve us looking at the skeleton. Can you find some sticks in your garden and make a basic model of the skeleton? Maybe you could add some labels of the key bones in our bodies? For example, where is my skull, where are my ribs and where is my spine?


Practise your cursive handwriting. :-)

The Romans 

Can you draw a timetline putting the following in the correct chronological order - the Romans, the Bronze Age, the Stone Age, the Iron Age, 2020. 

Watch some of the video clips on the website - Write down some facts that you find out about the Romans. You may wish to extend this to completing a Venn diagram to show the similarities and differences between the Roman times and modern times. 


Acrostic Poem

You may wish to write an acrostic poem about the Romans. 







In our reflection area, we have our own Year 3 prayer book. The children are able to write a prayer that can be read out to the rest of the class. At this time, you could write a prayer to pray for those affected by Covid-19. You could try a TSP prayer - say thank you for something, sorry for something and then please (ask God for something). You could send your prayers to the home learning email account.

Flat Chat - 11.11.2019

Today we completed a 'flat chat' activity. We had 5 minutes to write as many verbs, adjectives, nouns and adverbs as we could. 

Soil Permeability - 09.10.2019

During our science lesson today, we tested the permeability of soils. 

Right Angle Hunt - 07.10.2019

Today we learnt what a right angle was! We used our right angle finders to find right angles around our classroom. 

Fake Webpages! - 07.10.2019

During our computing lesson, we looked at a 'Tree Octopus' website and realised that the information given was untrue! We discussed how we cannot believe everything that we read online. We then created our own fake webpages using the laptops. 

The Old Dry Stone Wall - 04.10.2019

This week, we have been reading the poem 'The Old Dry Stone Wall'. We first saw a picture of the wall and used 'flat chat' to generate ideas as to what could be hiding in the gaps. After reading the poem, we created a text map of the poem and worked in groups to orally retell it too. 

Bar Charts - 03.10.2019

We've been learning about statistics in maths this week. We made plenty of bar charts to show data about our class.

Fossils - 01.10.2019

During our science lesson today, we made models of fossils using saltdough and toy dinosaurs!

Contraction Surgery - 01.10.2019

We spent our spelling session today being surgeons (with words!). The plasters became our apostrophes!

Testing Rock Permeability - 24.09.2019

During our science lesson today, we tested the permeability of rocks to find which rock would be the most suitable for a new worktop. 

Direct Speech - 23.09.2019

We've been reading 'Stone Age Boy' in our English lessons and have been considering what the characters may be saying to one another. We have been trying to write this as direct speech. 

Writing Numbers - 20.09.2019

During our maths lesson, we practised writing numbers in words. We played a game that involved rolling the dice and writing the numbers that we created. 

Chocolate Rocks - 17.09.2019

During our science lesson today, we made chocolate rocks! This was to show how igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks are formed. 

Deux Petits Oiseaux - 16.09.2019

We learnt the song 'Deux Petits Oiseaux' during our French lesson and then made our own finger puppets and performed the song together. I've got a feeling we're going to have this song stuck in our head for a long time to come!   

Layers of the Earth - 10.09.2019

During our science lesson today, we made 'dirt puddings' to remind us of the layers of the earth. The different items of food reminded us of the inner and outer core, the mantle, the bedrock, the subsoil and the topsoil. 

Rock Museum - 06.09.2019

We all brought in rocks from home and during our science lesson today, we created a 'rock museum'. We thought of awards that we could give to the rocks, for example 'the sparliest rock', 'the bumpiest rock' and 'the smoothest rock'. This activity helped us to generate lots of questions about rocks that we would like to explore over the next term. 

Volcanoes and Earthquakes - 05.09.2019

During our geography lesson, we sorted statements about earthquakes and volcanoes into those that we thought were true and those that we thought were false. This generated lots of questions for our new geography topic!