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22nd July 19
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Year 3

Welcome to our Year 3 Class Page! 

Our class teacher is Miss Sykes and our teaching assistant is Miss McQuirk. 

Please scroll down to find out what we have been up to!

Comic Relief - 15.03.2019


We had a go at sharing some jokes on Comic Relief Day and we even tried writing our own using a range of homophones.

Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes - March 2019


We've been practising singing 'Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes' in French! 

Visit from Reverend Tim and Lisa - March 2019


In school, we were visited by Bishop Julian, Reverend Tim and Lisa. They answered some of our questions about God and Christianity. 

World Book Day - 07.03.2019


Wow, what a super day we had for World Book Day! We explored the 'crime scene' that we found in our school library and created WANTED posters for the character that we believed had committed the crime. We read books with the pre-school children and also designed our own book tokens. 

Forces! - 15.02.2019


Throughout our science topic this half term, we have been exploring forces and magnets. We began by looking at pushes and pulls and explored how a toy car moved along various surfaces. 

Born to Move - February 2019


We have been loving our 'Born to Move' sessions with our coach. We were given the opportunity to become the instructors on the last week of half term and had so much fun!

Magnets! - February 2019


Miss Sykes gave us the question, 'are all magnets the same strength?' We explored the answer to this question by seeing how many paperclips a range of magnets could hold. We then wrote our own scientific conclusions.

RE Day - 06.02.2019


Today we had an RE enrichment day. We learnt the story of Joseph and his dreamcoat and acted this out in front of the whole school! We considered how Joseph may have felt at the various stages of the story and we also wrote a prayer that he may have said when he was in the well. We then created our own class dreamcoat to go on our corridor display! 

Internet Safety Day - 05.02.2019


During internet safety day, we had a go at drawing apples and dogs on our whiteboards and realised that they all looked very similar. Miss Sykes then challenged us to draw the internet and we drew a range of things on our boards! We talked about what the internet actually is and who it belongs to. We considered various situations that may happen online and discussed how we could deal with these effectively. We then talked about giving permission. We shared occasions when we have had to ask for permission in the past and then we asked each other for permission to throw the beanbag in the circle.

Measuring - January 2019


We have been busy measuring in maths. We measured capacity and also measured the mass of various objects. 

The Iron Man! - January 2019


Our topic for this half term is 'The Iron Man'. We have been acting out the story of the Iron Man, which was written by Ted Hughes.