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29th September 20
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Year 4

Here is our new Topic Letter for the Autumn Term. Our Curriculum is currently under exciting new developments and during this first term, the staff, along with guidance from parents, carers and Governors, are busy developing a new Curriculum specifically tailored to our pupils at Banks St. Stephens and underpinned by our new Christian Values. 

That's Sound!

In Year 4, we have been investigating how sounds are made and how sound travels. We have had lots of fun listening to and playing musical instruments of all shapes and sizes. We made some paper cup telephones and were amazed to hear the sound travel along the string to our ears! There's a great photo of people in our class looking extremely surprised, either that or Mr. Richardson just told one of his jokes! We hope you enjoy the photographs.

Try and answer this... 'If a tree falls down in a forest and there is nothing there to hear it, does it make a sound?' We know the answer!

Glock Rock


Here we are rocking out on Glockenspiels! We have been learning a marching song using the notes C D E and F. Miss McQuirk was the band leader. We talked about pitch and tempo and were able to keep a rhythm throughout the song. 

Islands in the stream, yeah that's what we are...


We have been learning about personal space and how we can feel sometimes when people get too close. We have learnt how to respect personal space with others. We haven't learnt any Kenny Rogers songs as yet!

Reading Revolution


With the help of top interior designer, Miss McQuirk, we now have a cosy reading area so we can enjoy our books in comfort!

Top the Tables Charts


Here we are challenging each other on 'Hit the Button' Tables competition. This is a game we can play at home on our tablets and it helps improve our speed and accuracy. We are trying to beat Mr. Richardson's outstanding 29/29 on the 6X table... We will beat him... cue the Rocky music! 

Team Richardson


What more can be said? A team of supreme athletes on display...and Mr. Richardson...

If you go down to the woods today...


We have been using our wonderful forest area at school to build some fantastic dens with Mr. Taylor, our expert teacher from WLSP.

We worked in teams to create the strongest shelter that could withstand the wet and windy weather. Move over Seddon's Homes, there are some new builders in town!

The Lion, The Witch and The Year 4


Well, we have been on a wonderful journey to the magical land of Narnia. We saw Aslan, the Snow Queen, the wardrobe and the thrones of Cair Paravel. It was wonderful and it reminded me of a recent trip to IKEA where I opened a wardrobe and a lion popped out, I said, 'What on Earth are you doing in there?', he just looked at me, snarled and said 'It's NARNIA business'.



We have been helping our guest artist, Amanda, create our beautiful art installation in the hall. It is made up of leaves we have painted in our own unique ways. The tree itself looks beautiful and was completed by superb artists from years 5 and 6. It was a fabulous day and we all had loads of fun. Anyway, that's all from me, I'm going to make like a tree and leaf...

Measuring Madness!


We have been learning about measuring and working out the perimeters of rectilinear shapes... yes rectilinear shapes. Quality teaching and learning in Year 4 as always!

Rockin' Robins


We have been making our Christmas cards, all our Robins are unique just like us! We used our cutting and sticking skills to make sure each robin has its own quirky personality and on that note, I would like to thank Miss McQuirky for all her help and support creating these cards whilst I have been gallivanting around Banks with the choir, bringing joy and quality live music performances to the village...

Crackin' Christmas Carols


I would like to thank the Choir for all their hard work this festive season! We are about to perform the last show of our sold out World Tour of Banks. The Choir have given so much of their time to ensure the shows have been full of energy and Christmas spirit to delight our audiences. I am so proud of them all and I have enjoyed every second of working with them. We wish everyone a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!


Shoe Box Appeal


Thanks for all your support for our Shoe Box Appeal. It has been so touching to receive the gifts that will be sent to people who are less fortunate than ourselves. It has been truly life affirming to see the support and I know how it will make an incredible difference to someone's life this Christmas. Here the children are making Christmas Cards to go inside the boxes.

Miss McQuirk, Mrs Jordan and I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! XX

Happy Christmas!

We have had lots of fun in year 4 today our last day before the Christmas holidays. We played Christmas party games this afternoon in our classroom. We played traditional games like pass the parcel and and musical chairs. Great fun was had by all!

May we take this opportunity to wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas and send our best wishes to you all for 2020.



This half term year 4 are following a computer scheme of work from purple mash, which focuses on spreadsheets. Today the children completed a set of tasks which had been set for them as a to do, on purple mash. We had a set of cells which were coloured and contained data that informed us where to place them on the spreadsheet. Once moved into their correct position on the spreadsheet a picture was created. The children enjoyed this task and have been encouraged to log on at home and futher explore spreadsheets. All children have a school login and if able can access purple mash through our school login page.

Born to Move.

Thursday is one of Year 4 's favourite days, as we take part in our Born to move session. Born to move is an action packed fourty five minutes of exercise. The children have high intensity workouts combined with yoga stretches and a relaxing cool down. The atmosphere is electric as the children push themselves to the limit. Great fun for all!


Today our school is raising awareness about mental health by joining in with inside out day. The children and staff have been invited to wear an item of clothing inside out to show that the inside matters and more importantly what we feel inside matters.

Life Education Bus. 

This morning year 4 spent sometime on the Life Education Bus. We learnt about the location of our hearts, lungs, small intestine and large intestine, and talked about their important functions within our bodies. We also talked about how smoking and drinking alcohol effects our body and about how those effects can increase or decrease over time. 

The idea of being unique was reinforced, by talking about differences and how it's ok to be different. As part of this we visited a planet called 'Conformatron' where everything was the same and realised just how boring our lives would be if we all had to be the same.


Children's view.

"I learnt that it is good to be different, because if we were the same it would be boring"


"It's okay to be unique. Its's great to be with your friends. Smoking damages your lungs and turn's them black. Alcohol can make you do inappropriate things" 


"I learned more about the digestive system and about my body. My favourite part was when we saw Harold because he was really funny and kept staring at everyone"    


" I liked the Life Bus because it showed me how my body works. I also learned that it's not good to be all the same"


"On the Life Education bus I learnt that everyone is unique in their own way. I learnt that if you smoke you can get really ill. I also learnt that alcohol effects your emotions and reactions. I will never smoke or drink alcohol"


"I have learnt that it is good to be unique and to share with others. I have enjoyed going onto a different planet and I loved how the body lit up when the different parts were pressed. I had so much fun"


Hello everybody, l hope you are all well and still trying your best at home.

Many of you have noticed that l have put some work on the 2do's on purplemash, and also on mymaths. These  are suggestions and ideas of things you could do at home. They are not compulsory. I have seen many great pieces of work that you have completed this week, so well done!

Some people have chosen to do other things, which is great and as long as you save them l will be able to see them.

The messages you have sent with your work have really made my day and if it is a piece of work that l can comment on, l most definitely will.

I have also sent challenges on ttrockstars and completed a couple that l have been sent by you too. Your scores are getting higher and higher each time, so keep practicing!

We have a designated email address for any questions parents or children may have and we would love to see pictures of what you have been doing at home. The email address is


l will add more things onto mymaths and purple mash each week.

Take care, carrying on smiling and keep washing your hands. We will be back in school very soon.

Love and best wishes to you all Miss McQuirk x







I have spoken to Mr Richardson as he would like to share some wonderful news with you. Here is a special message.


Hello all

Myself and Mrs Richardson are very pleased to inform you that our family has a new member. Mrs Richardson had a baby boy on the 25th of March. His name is Isaac Thomas and he is AMAZING as is Mrs Richardson who is recovering well.

Isaac is a very good little fellow, quiet but when he wants can give a good rock scream, powerful lungs ..he will be a rockstar like his dad.

Stay safe everyone in these difficult times and looking forward to seeing your beautiful smiling faces as soon as we can. Miss you all, be kind, be safe

                            Love Mr Richardson xx 




Activities this week.


 This week's activities.

Year 4 are currently enrolled onto two battles on times tables rockstars, which will last all week up to the 6th April. We are having a battle with year 5 (we can do this!) and with the teachers!

I think the teachers are winning at this point but l am seeing some excellent scores from year 4 pupils.

Each week l am putting some suggested activities onto purple mash and mymaths too.

Thank you for the wonderful work, messages and letters that you have been putting on to our website    -  they really are a pleasure to read and will always be replied to. Keep working hard!


Love and best wishes to you all

                                               Miss McQuirk x😍



Now time to get back to that battle!


14 th April 2020



Hope you are well and have enjoyed the Easter weekend.

Just to let you know we now have a Year 4 blog on Purplemash for our children to stay in contact, message each other and contact myself.

All messages/posts and blogs have to be approved by a staff member prior to being seen by other members of the class. This blog is only forYear 4 members of Banks St Stephens School. It can be found on an alert link or under the sharing section on purplemash.

l have also put some more suggested work on purplemash and mymaths. Thank you for encouraging your children to complete these tasks and also thank you for all the wonderful activities and experiences you are providing at home during this uncertain time.

Our school facebook page has this last week been posting messages and photographs of staff members to help stay in touch and reassure the children that all staff are well and missing them equally.

Please continue sharing your messages and work on our dedicated website

Keep smiling and working hard

Take care

love Miss McQuirk x

4th May 2020


Hello Everyone!

I hope you are all keeping well during this very strange time we find ourselves in. All school staff remain fit and well. We simply can't wait to return to school again, once it is safe to do so.

The children in Year 4 have adapted well to working online and you should be very proud of them.

Each day I update our blog on purplemash, we have a quiz which the children can take part in if they choose and we have daily contact via feedback on the work they produce. All the children are aware of how purplemash works as it is used in school regularly.

Children have also been using our other learning platforms of Mymaths and Times Table Rockstars too. I am able to moniter their learning on all sites.

Again if you have any concerns or queries please email our homelearning email address which is as follows;

I will be happy to help anyway I can.

Take care 

Best wishes Miss McQuirk x