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13th November 19
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Year 4

Welcome to the new Website


Hello and welcome to our new School Term, Autumn 2019!

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome all of our new Year 4s to a new and exciting term that promises to be full of fun, hard work and memorable moments. 

Here, you will be able to find out about all the wonderful things we are up to and all the dates and events we are looking forward to for the rest of the year, just watch ths space! 

We hope you enjoy keeping up to date with our class!

Mr. Richardson, Mrs. Jordan and Year 4.

Here is our new Topic Letter for the Autumn Term. Our Curriculum is currently under exciting new developments and during this first term, the staff, along with guidance from parents, carers and Governors, are busy developing a new Curriculum specifically tailored to our pupils at Banks St. Stephens and underpinned by our new Christian Values. 

That's Sound!

In Year 4, we have been investigating how sounds are made and how sound travels. We have had lots of fun listening to and playing musical instruments of all shapes and sizes. We made some paper cup telephones and were amazed to hear the sound travel along the string to our ears! Theres a great photo of people in our class looking extremely surprised, either that or Mr. Richardson just told one of his jokes! We hope you enjoy the photographs.

Try and answer this... 'If a tree falls down in a forest and there is nothing there to hear it, does it make a sound?' We know the answer!