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1st October 20
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Year 5



White Rose Activities 

The White Rose website ( are doing online maths lessons each day at 10am and then provide follow-up activities from these. I can't recommend this website enough to continue maths learning at home! Let me know how you get on with these activities via the home learning email address.

Class Blog


Hello Year 5,

I have set up a class blog on Purple Mash for you to keep in touch with one another.  If you log on and check your alerts, you will be able to follow the link to the blog.  Any comments you make will need to be approved by me first.  I can't wait to hear from you all!

Mrs Mussell

Hello Year 5! : Adobe Acrobat file (901.5k)

Dear children, parents and carers,

Mrs Robinson and I would like to thank you for all your fantastic support over the last couple of weeks during this unprecedented time.  You are amazing!

I have now set work remotely on mymaths, purple mash (same user name and password as my maths) and times tables rockstars.  I will do this each week.  The children can choose which tasks they would like to do - I do not expect them to complete everything.  If a piece of work is too challenging, please do not worry - just leave it.  I will be able to see most of the children's work on my computer but if they would like to send me anything else they have done, this can be done via the e-mail set up by Mrs Owen - 

In terms of reading, there are some e-books available on purple mash which the children can access.  You can also join Lancashire Libraries for free and access many excellent e-books and audiobooks.  The link to these is

You can join the library online at

The novel we have been reading in class is 'The Fire Thief' by Terry Deary - the children could continue to read this if they are able to access a copy but this is definitely optional. 

I will also post any additional ideas on our class page so please keep checking our website.  I have attached a copy of suggested learning websites and activities from Lancashire County Council which Mrs Owen e-mailed out to you earlier in the week.

Once again, thank you for all your support and kind and thoughtful messages.  Please look after each other and stay safe.

We look forward to seeing you all as soon as possible.


Kind Regards

Mrs Mussell & Mrs Robinson


Science - Day and Night lesson - 24/03/2020


Learning Objective

Use the idea of the Earth’s rotation to explain day and night and the apparent movement of the Sun across the sky.

Key Learning:

As Earth rotates half faces the Sun (day) and half is facing away from the Sun (night). As the Earth rotates, the Sun appears to move across the sky.

Common Misconceptions:

Some children may think:

• the Sun moves across the sky during the day

• the Sun rises in the morning and sets in the evening

• the Moon appears only at night

• night is caused by the Moon getting in the way of the Sun or the Sun moving further away from the Earth.

Key Vocabulary:

Earth, Sun, Moon,  solar system, rotates, star, orbit


Show the children a video that shows how the spinning of the Earth caused night and day.

Give the children a torch and ball, to represent the sun and Earth, and ask them to create a model to explain how day and night is formed.

Ask the children to draw a diagram to explain day and night and a short written explanation.  It would be lovely to see some examples of your work!

Music - Access to Charanga (25/03/2020)


I have set up remote access for pupils to access our music learning platform - Charanga.  Some of the children were particularly looking forward to the 'Fresh Prince Of Bel Air' unit which I have included.

If you would like your username and password, please e-mail me on the and I will provide you with this information and instructions on how to get onto the website.

Many thanks


Mrs Mussell

Welcome To Year 5 - 2019-2020

Welcome to Year 5's class page.  Mrs Mussell is the class teacher and our teaching assistant for this year is Mrs Robinson.  

Please click on the link below to see our topic overview for the autumn term which is called 'Amazon Adventure'. This letter also contains information about our timetable and expectations for this term.    

Reading List - Year 5


At parents' evening, some people asked about good quality reading books for year 5 pupils to read.  Please follow the link below for some recommended titles. 

Happy reading!

We have been learning about life cycles in science through playing the 'Turtle Life Cycle' game.  Great fun!

The children have been using topic books and computers to research different biomes of the world in our geography lessons.

Thank you to everyone who attended and supported the Macmillan coffee morning.  Many thanks for the generous contributions of cakes and biscuits.  What a fantastic event!

Year 5 have been learning about the life cycle of plants.  We disected gladioli to find the female parts (carpel - stigma, style and ovary) and the male parts (stamen - anther and the filament).  We have been learning about pollination and fertilisation.  

Year 5 have been playing tuned percussion instruments to accompany Bon Jovi's 'Livin' On A Prayer'.  Rock on!

Year 5 have been learning about working collaboratively in PSHE.  They had to work as an effective team to see who could build the tallest tower using six sheets of newspaper and cellotape.  

Rainforest Layers


This is a link to a fantastic web page which we've looked at in class. It describes the different layers of the rainforest and what plants and animals would live there.  

We had a fantastic time when we visited 'The Narnia Experience' at Hesketh Bank Christian Centre.  

Year 5 really enjoyed their visit to St Stephen's Church.  Mr Yardley told us about the history of the church and explained why the different parts of the church were important.  He showed us many interesting artefacts and talked to us about why being a Christian was important to him.  

The whole school have worked together to work with an artist to create our wonderful art installation.  Every child in school has contributed to our beautiful Christian Values tree.  We are all very proud.  

Spring Topic Letter :  file (950.1k)

Please find attached a copy of our topic letter for the first half of the Spring Term. 

Born To Move


Every Thursday, the children join Mrs Walmsley in the hall for 'Born To Move'.  During the session, we take part in high intensity training as well as yoga and meditation.  After this, Mrs Walmsley comes into class to deliver PSHE sessions which cover sessions including healthy eating, wellbeing and physical health. 

Art - Greek pots


In art, the children have designed, made and evaluated Greek pots.  They have decorated them with geometric patterns and scenes from Ancient Greek life.  When they were finished, the children evaluated their own and each others' finished products.