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29th September 20
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British Values


Promoting British Values at Banks St Stephen’s CE Primary School

There is a clear and rigorous expectation on all schools to promote the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.

At Banks St Stephen’s CE Primary School these values are reinforced regularly and in the following ways.


Democracy is embedded at the school.  Pupils are taught to respect the right of every individual to have their opinions and voices heard.  Pupils also have the opportunity to air their opinions and ideas through our School Council. They also particcipate in Pupil Attitude Questionnaires.

The Rule of Law

Pupils are taught the value and reasons behind laws, the responsibilities that this involves and the consequences when laws are broken. Details about school rewards and sanctions, choice and consequences are detailed in our behaviour policy.

Individual Liberty

Within school, pupils are actively encouraged to make choices, knowing that they are in a safe and supportive environment.  As a school we educate and provide boundaries for our pupils to make choices safely, through the provision of a safe environment, an empowering education and a curriculum based upon clear Christian values.  Our pupils are encouraged to know, understand and exercise their rights and personal freedoms and are advised how to exercise these safely; examples of this can be clearly seen in our e-safety and PSHE lessons.  

Mutual Respect:

The pupils know and understand that respect is shown to everyone, whatever differences we may have. Mutual respect is shown every day both in and out of the classroom.

Tolerance of Those With Different Faiths And Beliefs

We teach knowledge and understanding of different faiths and beliefs through religious education studies following the Lancashire SACRE scheme and also through our PSHE curriculum.