This morning year 4 spent sometime on the Life Education Bus. We learnt about the location of our hearts, lungs, small intestine and large intestine, and talked about their important functions within our bodies. We also talked about how smoking and drinking alcohol effects our body and about how those effects can increase or decrease over time.

The idea of being unique was reinforced, by talking about differences and how it's ok to be different. As part of this we visited a planet called 'Conformatron' where everything was the same and realised just how boring our lives would be if we all had to be the same.

Children's view.

"I learnt that it is good to be different, because if we were the same it would be boring" Teagan.

"It's okay to be unique. Its's great to be with your friends. Smoking damages your lungs and turn's them black. Alcohol can make you do inappropriate things" William.

"I learned more about the digestive system and about my body. My favourite part was when we saw Harold because he was really funny and kept staring at everyone" Harry.

" I liked the Life Bus because it showed me how my body works. I also learned that it's not good to be all the same" Sam.

"On the Life Education bus I learnt that everyone is unique in their own way. I learnt that if you smoke you can get really ill. I also learnt that alcohol effects your emotions and reactions. I will never smoke or drink alcohol"  Sophie.

"I have learnt that it is good to be unique and to share with others. I have enjoyed going onto a different planet and I loved how the body lit up when the different parts were pressed. I had so much fun" Sophia.