On Tuesday Fox Cubs Nursery and Reception had a school visit to Farmer Teds for the Farmer Christmas experience. We were all super sensible travelling by coach and when we arrived we were so excited to explore all the Christmas lights, decorations and models. We visited all the animals in the barn and met guinea pigs, ferrets, reindeer, sheep, goats, a llama, horses and ponies. We got to play on the tiny tractors which we absolutrly loved! Later in the morning we went to Elf School where we wrote letters to Father Christmas and posted them, before watching a 4D movie about Father Christmas and his reindeer. We then travelled by tractor across the farm to the grotto, where we met Father Christmas himself! He asked us what we would like for Christmas and we each got a present! After lunch we watched ferrets racing and then explored the minibeast house, meeting snakes, a dragon, tree frogs, cockroaches, ants and lots of fish. We had an amazing day and our teachers were so proud of our behaviour all day and our engagement in all the activities.