Week beginning 20th April 2020


Born to Move online content


Fundamental Movement Skill of the Week - Skipping - see Resources link and video


PE Activity - Adventure Land -…

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Week beginning 13th April 2020


Born to Move Online Content


Fundamental Movement Skill of the Week - Underarm throw


PE Activity - Adventure Land (download from the Resources link…

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Week beginning 6th April 2020

Born to Move online content


Fundamental skill of the week - Overarm throw

PE Activity - Adventure Land Week 2

Active Learning - Active Storytime

Challenges of the Week - Around…

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Week beginning 30th March 2020

Born to Move online content


Fundamental skill of the week - Catch

Record Breakers - Zig Zag and Wall Ball

PE Activity - Adventure Land

Born to Move online content

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Our new set of work tasks for each week will be displayed on the opening page for all of the classes (just click backwards).

We will still be posting up new Purple Mash and phonics for each week - please see our updated letter and phonics section at the bottom of this class page.

If there…

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Hi Everyone!

Just to say a huge thank you for all your support during this worldwide, difficult time. Mrs Fitch and I are sending lots of love and well wishes to all of our lovely children and families.

Firstly, it is important to say; home learning is not the most biggest thing at this…

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That's Sound!

In Year 4, we have been investigating how sounds are made and how sound travels. We have had lots of fun listening to and playing musical instruments of all shapes and sizes. We made some paper cup telephones and were amazed to hear the sound travel along the string to our ears! Theres a great…

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Glock Rock

Here we are rocking out on Glockenspiels! We have been learning a marching song using the notes C D E and F. Miss McQuirk was the band leader. We talked about pitch and tempo and were able to keep a rhythm throughout the song.

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Our Local Area

We moved much closer to home to explore our immediate surroundings in the lovely village of Banks. Mrs Yardley came with us on a walk arounf the village to tell us of the changes over the years and what the village used to look like. We had a visit to our local sandiwch shop, Debz Deli, who showed…

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Spring 1 Week 4

Schools Big Garden Birdwatch! We have spent all week learning about a variety of common British birds, preparing food for them, birdwatching and counting them and painting them! We have really enjoyed this topic. We also had a special visit from a nurse this week who told us all about the…

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Islands in the stream, yeah that's what we are...

We have been learning about personal space and how we can feel sometimes when people get too close. We have learnt how to respect personal space with others. We haven't learnt any Kenny Rogers songs as yet!

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Spring 1 Week 3

We learnt all about Post delivery people this week, exploring their jobs and how to send letters. We read the Jolly Postman to help support our learning of Postmen and Postwomen. This week was also an exciting week as we learnt about Chinese New Year. We explored the story of Chinese New Year, the…

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