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Church Links

We have close links with the beautiful St Stephen's Church situated down the road from the school. We have a programme of joint activities. Rev'd Rebecca visits the school regularly and participates in whole school worship. Year 6 held a moving ceremony at the War Memorial on the 11th November.



Rev'd Rebecca Clarke is a school governor and a close member of our school community. Here she is with some of our Y2 children at the Christmas service.

Rev'd Rebecca provides pastoral support to the staff. She is a the Chair of the Curriculum Committee! Here she is waving at the camera while chatting to Year 2.

It was fun to visit the Church in December for our Christmas service. At the front you can see Mrs Owen, Mrs Mussell and Mr Richardson, our senior leadership team.

Our Y4 and Y5 children and the school brass band led the service with their brass instruments. Banks Brass Band have been very supportive of our music lessons and we hope to provide the band with some new players very soon!

Below are some photographs of the Harvest Service Autumn 2021. Due to the strong agricultural heritage of the area, the displays are impressive and we all loved it! We even had our own window. After the service Y4 delivered our school's contributions to the food bank. 

At Christmas, Year 4 also had the idea that instead of the teachers buying small gifts for the children, the teachers could make a donation to the food bank. The children then extended this idea by bringing in gifts from home, which they took to the Food Bank at the end of the Christmas service.

Sunday School (Young Adventurers)

Mrs Yardley (who works as a TA in school) runs the Sunday School. For more information about this please contact Mrs Yardley at school or church. Mrs Yardley is also a Reader at St Stephen's.

Church Magazine

Our Y6 children love to contribute to the Parish Magazine, which is compiled by Mr Kenneth Wallbank. Our current chief reporter is Wesley. The Church magazine is available from the school office for 80p and subscriptions are also available. Please ring the school office if you want a copy. If you want an annual subscription, please email and he will put you in touch with the local distributor. Here is Wesley's January 2022 contribution.

It is a new year at Banks St Stephen's and we are feeling better than ever! We feel like 2022 will be a great year!

First we have to start with what happened over Christmas time but before that, us at Banks St Stephen's wish you and your family and friends had a Merry Christmas! 

Now to tell you what happened. So first we went to BSS (Banks St Stephen's) Church to sing some carols that we learned and after that Year 4 and Year 5 stood up with their brass instruments and they played some great music. Then it was the Year 6 Brass Band's turn and they played Jingle Bells. 

Next we had an amazing Christmas Party. We played loads of fun games and every class enjoyed it. We had the time of our lives! The party lights really did set the scene perfectly. We danced, we pranced, we jiggled and we wiggled and to end it off we did the macarena! 

Lastly we moved the performance at the Church to the playground! The parents really enjoyed our performance and we were very proud of ourselves and we were just as good or maybe even better that what we were at the Church.That is how you know that there is still always more room for improvement and we'll get better and better as time goes on.

That is not the end of what happens here at Banks St Stephen's. 2022 will have way more to bring, so we hope it brings more for you too. Just remember we wish you the best year for the new year. Welcome to 2022 at Banks St Stephen's!

Wesley Bridge Year 6

Church Magazine Reporter


Remembrance Day Ceremony 

Remembrance Day at St Stephen's. Year 6 organised a ceremony, assisted by Mr Bill Abram of Banks Brass Band and Rev'd Rebecca. In 2021 we invited the children of Banks Methodist to join us.


Please look at our school Facebook page for more pictures/videos of Church events.

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